Brand: Kitty CityColor: BlackFeatures: FRESH AIR FUN: Fully-enclosed playset is made of a nylon mesh – let’s in fresh air and gives you a good view of your pets at...


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Brand: Kitty City

Color: Black


  • FRESH AIR FUN: Fully-enclosed playset is made of a nylon mesh – let’s in fresh air and gives you a good view of your pets at play whether it’s indoors or out! And the mesh is durable too, enough to withstand energetic play and the occasional claw climb.
  • SPOTS TO HIDE AND SNOOZE: Included cubby cubes are rearrangeable inside the structure, giving you plenty of ways to keep your cats engaged by mixing it up over time. Each is a perfect spot to curl up and get away from the action.
  • GREAT FOR MULTI-CAT HOMES: Have more than one cat at home? No problem at all! Kitty City mesh playsets offer plenty of room for several pets to run, hide and chase. It’s a relatively small footprint in your home for all the energy it will help them burn.
  • EASY ENTRANCE: A zip door in the side makes it easy for you to get into the Mega Kit – handy if you have a cat who’s curled up and just can’t be bothered to come out for dinner.
  • ENDLESSLY EXPANDABLE: Want to create a complete cat fortress? Use tunnels to zip this piece together with other Kitty City mesh playsets to make an endless number of ways to keep playtime fresh for your cat.

model number: CM-10172

Part Number: CM-10172

Details: Let’s face it, cats have a tendency to get cooped up inside – and the fact that fences and apartment porches do nothing to contain them has something to do with it. You can fix all of the above for your feline friend and take outdoor play to the next level with the Outdoor Mega Kit by Kitty City. It creates a sunny, breathable, perfectly contained space with loads to explore, thanks to a large mesh frame. Interior coves give your cat a break in the shade, and there’s a large zip door for easy access for you. A tunnel door lets you extend the fun using a number of other Kitty City sets, or to create a tunnel leading from inside your home to an outdoor play area. And since it’s so spacious, it’s perfect for homes with two or more cats who could use a roomy feline jungle gym to play!

EAN: 0083985101726

Package Dimensions: 15.0 x 14.2 x 12.0 inches

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