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If you're looking for a small trash can that won't take up too much space, a mini trash can may be just what you need. These compact cans are perfect for bathrooms, offices, and other areas where a full-size trash can would be too bulky. At Trash Rite, we offer a variety of mini trash cans that are both functional and stylish. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of mini trash cans and highlight some of our top picks.

Benefits of Mini Trash Cans

Mini trash cans offer several benefits over full-size trash cans, including:

  • Space-saving: Mini trash cans take up less space than their larger counterparts, making them ideal for small areas such as bathrooms, under desks, or in tight corners.

  • Portable: Many mini trash cans are lightweight and easy to move, making them convenient for outdoor events, picnics, or camping trips.

  • Stylish: Mini trash cans come in a variety of colors and designs, allowing you to choose one that matches your decor and personal style.

Top Picks for Mini Trash Cans at Trash Rite

Here are some of our top picks for mini trash cans at Trash Rite:

  1. The 2.6 Gallon Round Step Trash Can: This compact trash can features a durable steel construction and a foot pedal for hands-free operation. The sleek design and multiple color options make it a stylish addition to any room.

  2. The 1.5 Gallon Compact Swing Top Trash Can: This mini trash can has a swing top lid that keeps waste out of sight and eliminates odors. It's perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, or any other small space.

  3. The 3 Gallon Slim Trash Can: This tall and slim trash can fits easily into narrow spaces and features a lid that snaps shut to keep odors contained. The sturdy construction and easy-to-clean surface make it a practical choice for any home or office.


At Trash Rite, we believe that even small spaces deserve a stylish and functional trash can. Our selection of mini trash cans offers a variety of options to fit your needs and decor. From foot pedal operation to swing-top lids, we have the perfect mini trash can for any space. Shop our collection today and upgrade your small spaces with the best mini trash cans on the market.

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