One day, a group of friends decided to go on a camping trip in the mountains. They packed all of their gear and headed out, excited for a weekend of fun and adventure.

As they were setting up camp, they realized they had forgotten to bring trash bags. "No problem," said one of the friends, "I'll just use these old grocery bags to hold our trash."

The friends thought this was a great solution and went about their camping activities. They hiked to the top of the mountain, caught fish in the river, and roasted marshmallows around the campfire.

However, as the weekend went on, the grocery bags started to rip and tear under the weight of all the trash. They were soon overflowing with empty water bottles, food wrappers, and other garbage.

By the time it was time to pack up and head home, the friends were surrounded by garbage and had no way to carry it out. "We're doomed!" exclaimed one of the friends. "We can't leave all of this trash behind. It's not good for the environment."

Just when they thought all was lost, a park ranger happened to be walking by and saw their predicament. "Need some help?" he asked, pulling out a roll of sturdy trash bags from his pack.

The friends breathed a sigh of relief and quickly loaded all of their trash into the bags. "Thank goodness for trash bags!" they exclaimed as they thanked the ranger and headed home, grateful for the simple but essential item that had saved the day.

As they drove back to civilization, the friends vowed to always bring trash bags on their camping trips. They learned their lesson the hard way, but at least they had a funny story to tell.

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